Beauty and the Beach

A beach house built for easy living, low maintenance, and with plenty of room for guests.

The challenge
Design in one month and construct a home  of 200 square metres with  two levels in four months! Capture the maximum natural ventilation and lighting, and make the most of the visuals. Create spaces for a diverse family.

The centre of the house was designed as a  social area like an island.  It is surrounded by water  and mirrors so that all spaces, even the stairs, the kitchen and breakfast come with a nice view.  Two bedrooms are downstairs and three bedrooms upstairs. The bedroom of the children has a large terrace overlooking the sea,  from where you can see the sunset.

The house is built with concrete blocks and roof beam and vault, with a height of three metres. There are large windows to the north and east with west windows much smaller. The house has many associated terraces and pergolas for the rooms.