The work of Ricardo Legorreta: comments from Cecilia Sanchez-Meza

The newspaper Diario de Yucatan recently asked for comments from Yucatan architects about the work of Ricardo Legorreta who passed away in December 2011.  Here is an excerpt from the article:

The architect Cecilia Sanchez Meza, (one of the developers of the only residence that is fully operational with alternative energy in the Yucatan), commented that “Legorreta not only transcended the heritage of Luis Barragán in the handling of color, light and geometry, or interior design and landscapes, but carried a larger scale, always adapting to the context and topography, while providing emotional spaces.

He followed the ideals of Villagran Garcia in managing scale and functionality, and gave prominence to artists such as Juan Soriano in the design of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Monterrey, Mathias Goeritz and Rufino Tamayo at the Hotel Camino Real Polanco, and many others who enriched his work.  Knowing the Papalote Children’s Museum, Monterrey Framework and some hotels Camino Real Legorreta  could capture and enhance the richness of textures and colors of our culture.  With  simplicity, humility and the forcefulness of his personality he developed characteristics in a new architectural aesthetic language.

“Mexico, added the architect,”has lost not only a great exponent of architecture and culture, but also a great promoter and disseminator of art of his country and the world, as well as a social advocate (he was member of the International Council of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and special advisor to Fonca).


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