September, 2015

Bali and Morocco meet in Mérida: Shangri Luz

Alvarez y Sanchez recently completed a four year project in Centro where the house combined many interesting ideas from tropical countries.

The client has travelled extensively throughout the world and brought many ideas on tropical architecture from other places. In particular, one of the aims of the project was to combine the grandeur and elegance of North African architecture with it’s intricate tile work and restrained forms, with the more casual aspects of Balinese and Mexican architecture where the pool, complemented by lush garden elements, becomes a central focus of the site.

The size of the space has also meant that the original structure facing the street was restored, preserving its original features including a trefoil arch, masonry walls and levels. It functions as a small guest house and garage with a small vestibule and a front garden. An entirely new house was built toward the back of the lot, that goes beyond the typical colonial style of Centro towards something fresh and different. In particular, there are less limitations on the historical context and the main house is designed with all the 21st century conveniences. It has also been designed to take advantage of the orientation of the land, by capturing the eastern breezes and ensuring maximum sunshine lands on the pool.

The central pool area is complemented by a long Moroccan style terrace that provides a living space and link that pulls the site together – from both the aesthetic aspect and the practical day to day living. The house itself will has an open concept with an emphasis on guests and entertaining, with the rear garden containing a majestic ciricote tree that anchors the entire space.