May, 2014

Design Concept for a Beach Home

The 21st century lifestyle is undergoing rapid changes, and with it the design of new houses. Beach homes in particular have to respond to not only a different approach to living but the extra challenges of extreme weather, and the technology advances in materials and construction. There is also a renewed interest in incorporating nature into the home as well as utilizing the sea views and fresh breezes. This design concept from Alvarez and Sanchez features a large circular palapa with a double height central space to address these ideas and provide new inspiration for coastal living.

The central space acts as a social area and communicator between the three upstairs bedrooms and allows a panoramic view while moving through the house. Looking through the house it is possible to see the outer zones formed by a large pool, tropical gardens, and of course, a magnificent ocean view.

The design echoes the tradition of the Mayan palapa with its emphasis on social interaction and climate moderation, yet adding a contemporary approach in the way the house works with the land, the weather and its inhabitants.