November, 2012

A Fresh Approach to the Mexican Casita

A recent commission for Alvarez y Sanchez was to build a multi-functional casita in the Central Historical district of Mérida. The goal of the client was to create a flexible space at the rear of the property that allowed for many different uses while becoming as open as possible to garden vistas, birdlife and breezes.

The internal space has many uses including a guest bedroom, office area, home theatre, games room, exercise such as spinning or yoga, or even as a “teahouse” for afternoon drinks.  Both the internal area and the roof can function as a party space or an entertainment and relaxation area.

Design elements that have created a “fresh look” include a copper rain chain at the entrance that adds movement and drama to any rain showers.  Australian shade sails on the rooftop soften the concrete lines while providing much needed shade above. Finally, the stone-clad facade crowned with a rooftop garden, provides a beautiful integration with the garden and other natural elements to create a truly fresh approach to the Mexican casita.