May, 2012

Montealban Apartments Project now complete

One of the latest projects from Alvarez y Sanchez has been to design and build an apartment complex in the Montealban area of North Merida. The challenge of this project was to take a small block of land and construct eight apartments  on three levels with parking for tenants and visitors included.

Each apartment has two bedrooms, large living areas, a fully appointed kitchen and a high level of finish and detail throughout the building.  The orientation of each apartment has been considered and each one varies slightly in in configuration to take advantage of the prevailing breezes from the East.

Although constructed from concrete block, large steel i-beams have been used extensively, both as structural members and architectural features. This approach allows for large open spaces that augment the wind and light.

The result will be very attractive residences and will be sought after by many – for both livability and it’s prime location.