October, 2010

Casa de Toh Completed

One of the main projects of 2010 was to build a small  house in the Santa Ana district of Merida’s Centro.  With initial permits from INAH and the city completed by May, construction began in June.  The project had a number of interesting challenges.

The lot measures 6 metres wide  by 70 metres long and the unusual shape required some creative thinking to give an illusion of a bigger space.  Air flow and light were increased with an indoor garden open to the elements and a number of skylights. The house was extended to include two bathrooms and an enclosed patio area.

Design centered on a fusion of Art Nouveau, colonial accents and a modern sensibility. Energy efficiency was also a key area in the execution of the design and included LED lighting, energy efficient appliances, waste water management and an emphasis on natural light and breezes.

The client documented the construction on the website:  http://www.casadetoh.com